Samos is the eastern Aegean island located between the island of Chios in the north, the islands of the Dodecanese, especially Patmos to the south and just off the coast of Turkey (ancient Ionia). From an administrative point of view constitutes a peripheral unit and common in suburban Southern Aegean. Some buildings that are located on the island (the Pythagoreion and Heraion) were included in 1992 in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Only a kilometer and 200 meters separating Greece from Turkey so why not enjoy a day in the charm of Asia Minor, with its vivid colors, the bazaar and taste of Ottoman cuisine? Samos is a beautiful island with many things to see. The center and main port is the city of Vathy, commonly called Samos; other important ports are Karlovasi and Pythagoreio, while other countries have special Kokkari, Manolates, Khora and Pagondas. Samos is home to Epicure, Aristarchus, and perhaps even of Pythagoras. There are many hidden beaches and the archaeological sites, small chapels, forests and the beautiful trails chesi found on Samos. The best way to explore the island is to rent a boat. Do not miss the city of Vathi, the island’s capital, very nice and the center of the nightlife of Samos, Pythagorion and the Ireo archaeological site, to name a few.