Rhodes is the largest of the Dodecanese Islands and the easternmost of the major islands of the Aegean; on the southeast side it is wet from Levante Sea. The name comes from the ancient Greek (rhodon), which meant pink and applicant is the name of Isle of roses. The rose is one of the symbols of Rhodes, frequently stamped on the coinages of coins. The island is the obvious choice for sailors around the world. Rhodes has managed to preserve the pristine nature, with stunningly beautiful beaches and pristine waters. Rhodes is an open air museum, here the signs of its glorious history coexist in harmony with beautiful beaches, archaeological sites and clear blue sea. Lots of Greek and foreign productions were filmed in Rhodes. All of these are valid reasons to choose to rent the boat on the island. If you love the sea, but you are also fond of museums and archaeological sites Rhodes is the destination for you! The city is an authentic open-air museum! A Rhodes signs of a glorious history coexist in harmony with the beautiful beaches and clear blue sea.