Lefkada or Lefkas is one of the Ionian Islands that lie to the west of the Greek mainland and is the only Greek island reached without ship or ferry, because it is linked by a causeway.

The main island is surrounded by nine small islands Meganisi, Thilia, Petalu, Kithros, Kalamos, Kastos, Madouri, and Skorpios Skorpidi. Its 117 kilometers of coastline provide white cliffs, beautiful beaches with crystal clear water and landscapes of incomparable beauty. The island of Lefkada has three of the most beautiful beaches in Greece; Porto Katsiki was elected in 2011 the most beautiful of all. The island takes its name from the white cliffs overlooking the sea on the west coast (from the ancient greek white is translated lefkos), where it is said that the poet Sappho committed suicide by unrequited love for Phaon.

Much of the island is covered by green mountains with ancient mountain villages and stunning scenery. The marina, perhaps one of the most modern marinas in the Mediterranean, has been operating since 2002. The total capacity is 620 boats up to 45 meters long and 4 meters deep. In addition, there is the docking dry for about 280 boats. The infrastructure facilities, hospitality and services provided by the Marina are of a very high standard, satisfying even the most demanding customer. The marina operates all year.